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Are you looking for an NFT marketing agency to promote your NFT (Non-Fungible Token)? provides you with a dedicated NFT promotion services team to promote your NFT to the public. We can help you with PR, celebrity endorsements, shilling campaigns and get your NFT promoted on major crypto media outlets.

What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents legal ownership of a physical asset. For example, NFTs can be used to sell ownership or partial ownership of artwork, football tickets, property or even Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first ever Tweet.

In many ways, you can think of NFTs as securities tokens because they are backed by a physical asset. However, unlike regular cryptocurrencies, NFTs are non-fungible (i.e. non-interchangeable) in the sense that they cannot be traded/replicated on an exchange in the same manner as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What NFT Promotion services do we offer?

  • Publish PRs about your NFT project on authority media outlets
  • Influencer promotion and NFT shilling campaigns
  • Generate targeted traffic and investors to your project
  • Arrange interviews with cofounders to raise awareness of your NFT
  • Outreach to journalists, news portals and other media contacts

Case Study: $750,000+
Raised for DEFI COIN

  • Worked exclusively with CryptoPR marketing agency
  • Raised $500,000 in Pre-Sale
  • Raised $375,000 in Post Sale
  • PRs and promotional stories posted on 20+ major crypto websites
  • Sent 1200 New Customers in first 30 Days
  • Promoted across several Telegram investor channels
  • Main Geos: UK, DE, FR, ZA, US, AU, IT, Latam

Why Use our NFT Promotion Services? is a fully dedicated PR and marketing agency dedicated to crypto projects. This includes marketing NFTs, Crypto businesses, ICOs and more.

How to Get Started?

You can immediately start promoting your NFT project with us by getting in touch with our account managers now!

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