Best Crypto Influencer Agency & Campaigns 2022

Are you looking for a crypto influencer agency to promote your NFT or project? has years of experience working with the world’s leading telegram, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter crypto influencers. We can negotiate exclusive deals on your behalf whether you’re looking to promote a new token, airdrop, pre-sale or anything else.

What are Crypto Influencer and Shilling Campaigns?

Crypto influencer campaigns involve paying well known influencers in the cryptosphere to promote or ‘shill’ a project. This is an extremely effective way to raise instant awareness, attention, customers and/or credibility for your project.

Costs for influencer campaigns can start from as little as $1,000 and can go up to $100,000 depending on your aims and goals. Of course, if you want to use A-level celebs for your campaigns then the costs will be even higher.

Results from influencers can be extremely successful, especially in the crypto niche. Unlike running long-running SEO/PPC campaigns who can be fiercely competitive, a single plug from a well known TikTok or Twitter influencer can send 100s of customers or tens of thousands of followers to your communicate and project.

We’ve already experienced 100% ROI on influencer campaigns within the first day of the campaign.

The credibility and PR alone working with influencers can be a great addition to the brand and credibility of your project.

What is Crypto Influencer Marketing vs Shilling?

Influencer marketing involves using influencers to advertise or promote a product. Shilling campaigns are used to ‘plug’ a token or coin with the aim of raising the price through higher demand. Both are similar, though the word ‘shilling’ has worse connotations because of its directness and historic links with pump and dump projects.

What Crypto Influencer Marketing Campaigns do we Offer?

  • Influencer promotion on the biggest crypto TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter channels
  • Get promoted on campaigns with 2m+ active followers
  • Get your campaign live within days
  • One-off shoutouts or Long term partnerships
  • Available across most languages
  • Generate targeted traffic and investors to your project

Case Study: $750,000+ Raised for DEFI COIN

  • Worked exclusively with CryptoPR marketing agency
  • Raised $500,000 in Pre-Sale
  • Raised $375,000 in Post Sale
  • PRs and promotional stories posted on 20+ major crypto websites
  • Sent 1200 New Customers in first 30 Days
  • Promoted across several Telegram investor channels
  • Main Geos: UK, DE, FR, ZA, US, AU, IT, Latam

Why Use our Crypto Influencer Services?

We have several years of experience working with the best crypto influencers and we know exactly what works. Yes we’ve tried things and got burned but…

…It’s in our interest to deliver results for your project so that you continue your campaigns with us…

We also have more experience than anyone working with new token launches, raising money pre-sale and post-sale and promoting them with influencers. Therefore we know exactly which influencers offer the best prices and packages.

Finally, we offer more competitive rates and discounts then other agencies or influencers if you were to contact them directly, given our bulk orders and economies of scale.

How to Get Started?

You can immediately start promoting crypto influencer marketing campaign by getting in touch with our account managers now!

Alternatively you can choose a pricing package from the homepage on

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